February 28, 2019

South Australia has announced 3 key changes its nomination policies, to take effect immediately.

The changes are as follows:

  1. Rewarding international students that have been long-term residents of South Australia (To be considered a former international graduate of South Australia, you must have completed a CRICOS registered course with a minimum duration of 46 weeks).
  2. A broadening of the high performing graduate category for South Australian graduate (Immigration SA offers state nomination without the need for work experience to students able to obtain a skills assessment where they can meet the high performing graduate settings).
  3. Removal of the minimum bachelor’s degree requirement under the Chain Migration category.

If you are interested in migrating to Australia by way of independent or state sponsored skilled migration, please contact us for further details regarding your eligibility and the prerequisites for application.

Contact Details: Feriha Güney, Registered Student Counselor QEAC C102  | Registered Migration Agent MARN 0960690, T: +61 2 9232 7055  |  +61 477 524 039; Ceren Güney, Lawyer, T: +90 546 946 38 11  |  +90 212 800 79 11. Alternatively, please email us at sydney@inteducation.com.

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