June 27, 2019

Western Australia made 125 invitations in June 2019. The graduate stream threshold for subclass 190 were 65 points and the threshold for subclass 489 were 76 points.

The Living in Western Australia’s webpage includes the following message:

Current invitation round

Invitations issued on 21 June 2019

​Intending visa subclass

​     SNMP General stream

​ SNMP Graduate stream

​Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) ​0 ​93
Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) 16 ​16

Graduate stream – profiles of the last invited EOIs for the Graduate stream were as follows.

​  Qualification level

​Work experience points 

  English level

    ​EOI points

​Submission date

​Last invited EOI – Visa subclass 190 ​Bachelor Degree 5 points ​Proficient ​65 ​17/05/2019
​Last invited EOI – Visa subclass 489 ​Bachelor Degree ​5 points Proficient ​75 07/06/2019

due to the high representation of these occupations in the eligible EOIs. The profile of the last invited EOI for the relevant occupation was as follows.

SNMP General stream

No occupations were restricted


​SNMP Graduate stream


​Visa subclass

​Qualification level

Work experience points 

English level

​EOI points score

​Submission date

​221111 Accountant (General) 489 ​PhD / Masters ​0 points ​Superior ​90 ​12/02/2019

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