January 21, 2019

We had previously reported on the temporary suspension of nomination applications for the business and investor visa programs in Victoria. Today, Victoria has announced on its website that nominations are expected to resume in February 2019. The announcement is as follows:

“The current pause on applications for Visa Nomination is temporary to manage demand and to maintain high service levels.

The following visa subclasses are currently on pause:

– 188 – Business Innovation stream

– 188 – Investor stream

– 188 – Significant Investor stream

– 188 – Entrepreneur stream

– 132 – Business Talent (Permanent) – Significant Business History stream

– 132 – Business Talent (Permanent) – Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream

Nomination applications received prior to 5 January 2019 will continue to be assessed.

Nomination applications for the following visa subclasses are still being accepted:

– 405 – Investor Retirement

– 888 – Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent)

– 892 – Business Owner

– 893 – Investor

Your interest in our program is highly valued and we encourage you to visit our website regularly for program updates.

If you have any queries regarding this temporary pause, please email businessmigration@liveinmelbourne.vic.gov.auexternal link

Please note, program eligibility criteria are subject to change without notice.

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